Read what previous students and candidates had to say about UKTA tutors and the courses they were involved in

Mamatha Krish

Celta graduate 2021

Dan was a coach for my CELTA training, and I found him a brilliant facilitator, and he was helpful at every stage of the course, and was kind and compassionate to a beginner teacher like me.

British Council Sri Lanka Teachers.

August 2020 recruits

No amount of gifts and thank yous or even miss yous will account for our gratitude towards you Dan. We wish you all the best for your endeavours! Wherever you are, whatever you do, just sprinkle a little bit of your touch, and voila, we have a better world!

Dan is someone who has left an impact on his trainees and as a result they are going to miss him immensely. He is someone we have always counted on and has supported us throughout while ensuring that we never lost that belief in ourselves as teachers. For that, we are thankful.

Manisha Amarasinghe

Teacher and Key Expert – Communications and Advocacy British Council

I've been on the EYL training course that Cherie is leading and have found it to be awesome. She has been very thorough and professional throughout the training, is well planned and has kept us informed throughout the course with great detail on what to expect. She provides honest feedback and is very supportive and encouraging. She’s also readily available to help with any queries or clarifications. I also feel her positive vibes really help. As a result of this course and Cherie’s training, I definitely feel better equipped to handle an EYL class and feel more confident than I did before.

CELTA graduates

August 2020

This has been the best course ever. It was you who made it extra special and extra fun. Thank you for everything and for putting up with all our dramas.

British Council Sri Lanka Teachers

August 2020 recruits

Dan is someone who has left an impact on his trainees and as a result they are going to miss him immensely. He is someone we have always counted on and has supported us throughout while ensuring that we never lost that belief in ourselves as teachers. For that, we are thankful.

Surani Perera

Former British Council Sri Lanka teacher and CELTA graduate, Jan 2019

Hi Dan. Just a note to appreciate all the effort, sacrifices and (unforeseen) trouble you went through to ensure we were able to complete our CELTA. My best memory and learning I took away from you is to stop with the commentary – from my very first TP! ‘I’m just going to write this on the board now …’ Thank you for always explaining the why and hows of teaching to us and the most admirable way of sharing constructive criticism. I hope to make you proud.

Bithuni Gunawardena

CELTA trainee April 2021

Hi Dan. We are ever so grateful for the guidance and valuable advice that you've given us for our TPs. They were immensely helpful and we learnt a lot. Myself and Lynette discussed afterwards that we could not thank you properly and decided to drop you a message here to compensate for that. Thank you once again and we hope that we will be able to successfully implement what we've learnt from you in the next level as well.

Nimasha Pieris

BC Teacher and CELTA graduate

I could not have got through CELTA without your guidance. Thank you for everything.

Lynette Wickremeratne

CELTA trainee April 2021

I want to thank you sincerely for guiding us through the first weeks of the course. You laid the foundations for Bithuni and me. We are ever so grateful for training us so patiently and for your invaluable inputs and feedback. We will miss your teaching in the coming weeks. Thank you once again. We appreciate everything that you have done for us.

Freya D' Almeida

Teacher at the British Council

Cherie supported us when we were doing the STAR programme in 2017 (a training programme for newly qualified teachers at the British Council in Sri Lanka). She delivered input sessions on teaching Young Learners that provided us with a great introduction into teaching children. Cherie's approach was simple and methodical. She gave us the tools and the confidence to go into a YL classroom and come out having delivered a successful lesson. Seeing her in action as a teacher, applying the principles that she had taught us, was incredibly inspiring.

Mohamed Chekhar

Nov 2018, British Council Teacher, Algeria

I have worked with Louise as my academic manager and advisor for the past year and I definitely believe that she has been an amazing support and the best for her role. She contributed and helped in developing my personal teaching skills ….. through continuous help and observations. The level of professionalism and communication that Louise has is absolutely the best I have seen so far. Her smile and friendly working approach helped build a nice working environment and relationships between colleagues. I have personally learnt tons from Louise and I wish I could be her line managee for the rest of my career with the British Council.

Eromi Mahamudalige

Teacher at the British Council

The Early Years Course done by the British Council and the lead tutor Cherie not only helped me to meet my needs and expectations but taught me more than I expected, and yes, because of this I feel better prepared to teach EY confidently now. Cherie is a great tutor, who encourages and understands us, her learners. It is evident that she puts her 100% to teach us and to share her knowledge. Her lessons / sessions are very interesting and interactive. She also shared some good reading material and videos that actually helped a lot. I am really glad that I chose to do this EY course, as she helped me to become a better teacher and encouraged me to try new things that I would never have tried before!

Udani De Silva

Teacher at the British Council

Implementing what I learnt from this training, really helped me to make a difference in my primary classes. You constantly supported me and the other participants : giving feedback and writing comments on posts, giving ideas and demonstrating them during training. Your passion, the time you put in and your creativity were some highlights of the session, and this can be seen from the enthusiasm and the quality of the assignments of the participants. You were always there to give timely and constructive feedback to all the attendees encouraging them constantly. You were continuously exemplifying the teaching methods and best practices that need to happen in an EYL classroom.

Asuni Jayawardena

Teacher at the British Council

Cherie has been an amazing tutor during the EY training that she conducted at the British Council in 2020. She has a unique ability to teach complicated methods/ theories to her trainees in a very simple way. I've enjoyed my learning during the course because she was a very supportive tutor throughout.

Ahisha Haneef

Teacher at British Council and Jade

Firstly, I must say that this course has changed my perception of EYLs! All thanks to Cherie for the interactive training sessions, …. and the very practical and informative pre and post tasks. I'd like to especially mention Cherie's hands-on approach, the fact that she provides feedback on each and every submission and how organised everything about the course is. I'm certain that the course has given me and everyone else more confidence to teach EY.

Nicola Walsh

Former Senior Teacher Primary and Early Years, British Council

I just want to say what a fantastic job Cherie has done with the EY training. Cherie has really got these teachers engaged and motivated and learning really useful hands-on stuff.

Surani Perera

Teacher and Celta Graduate

Your training catapulted me into a whole new world of EYL which I had never experienced before. It made me not just learn about the EYL side of things but also made me feel confident that I'll be able to handle teaching EYL myself.

Anusha Nallathanby (Samararatna)

Teacher, British Council

Cherie was very creative in the way she got all the participants actively involved in the learning process. Commenting on our lessons, creating and posting activities and commenting on the other participants work were some of the lovely methods she used. She made sure that feedback was given on every task we did too. I am thankful to Cherie for conducting this course and supporting us throughout. It was definitely a privilege to learn from Cherie.

Siham Bouzourene

Nov 2018, British Council Teacher, Algeria

As a line manager, Louise has always supported me to reach my best potential in my teaching practice. Louise has always been available for an unplanned chat about my learning aims and she’s always spent a great amount of time helping me set my aims accurately. As a result, she helped me improve my performance to reach a higher standard.

Mohamed Moussa

Nov 2018, British Council Teacher, Algeria

Louise has been of tremendous help and guidance …. Her warm, welcoming personality makes addressing question a positive experience and she is always present to answer those. I would have loved being her Line Managee for a bit longer.